Born in Wichita, Kansas (United States of America), Jill Cooper has lived in Italy, in Rome, for over twenty years. She was a student at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and later studied at the Circle in the Square. At the age of twenty two she graduated in International Business, in Rome at the American University of Rome.

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Jill begins her television career as a valletta : in two years she works for nine different programs, both for Rai and Mediaset.

Since 2001 she is a fitness teacher for the first and second edition of Amici (the first one was still called They will be famous ).

She was the trainer during a season of Unomattina Week-end and presented TV sales for sport and fitness with Home Shopping Europe , Mediashopping and HSE24. He also conducted his fitness broadcast on For You.

Since 2011, Jill is the personal trainer of Big Brother competitors, who trains weekly with fitness exercises.

From November 2014 he arrives at Agon Channel where he plays the role of trainer coach of the reality show My Bodyguard , which forms the winner of the profession of specialized bodyguard, and is a columnist.

In 2017 he participated as a couple with Antonella Elia at the 6th edition of Beijing Express. The Caporali arrived 2nd on the Podium in Tokyo but were considered the moral winner of the edition.

Now Jill is Tutor on the DettoFatto, broadcast on Rai 2, where she helps people to change their lifestyle and lose weight (not only by becoming passionate about fitness).


Jill Cooper has written five books dedicated to the well-being of the body and exercise. In 2003 Conquest came out your body. In the world of sex and life, followed by One hundred ways to be healthy, beautiful and with a stunning body without sacrificing the pleasures of life, published in 2008. 2009 is the easiest way to fight cellulite. The publisher is always Newton Compton Publishers. In 2006 The Program, published by RTI and 2012 Anti-Anta with RTI.
In October 2018 he published his first novel “A Life of My Own” which tells the story of Elizabeth, but who inspires Elizabeth to fight trust and love herself. A sort of Bridget Jones for the divorced. The book has been reprinted twice in the first 40 days.


In 2008, Jill invents the SuperJump method using a modified trampoline. In 10 years SuperJump has more than 9 techniques and has conquered Italy in over 3000 gyms and is present in 7 European countries. With already 2 published scientific studies, SuperJump is one of the most engaging and easy methods to regain fitness.

Personal Trainer

Jill Cooper took care of “keeping in shape” many VIPs, including Paola Barale, Maria De Filippi, Alessia Marcuzzi, Pamela Prati, Melba Ruffo, Paola Perego and Wendy Windham.


Together with Alessandro Carbone, Jill Cooper created the sportswear brand and SuperJump .