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I am pleased to welcome you in my brand new NOW. NOW stands for No Ordinary Workout. An acronym I coined years ago and which I have been looking forward to for some time. Now it has finally become what I hoped for. NOW is a virtual gym where you can train with me every day and where you can access all levels of training, nutrition and well-being. With NOW you will also have access to discounts and exclusive promotions for all my network of equipment, clothing and sports integration.

Who does not form, stops. This is the watchword for those approaching the world of wellness. If you follow me in the paths of wellness, I assure you that you will find the ideal path to find the best version of yourself.

Born in Wichita, Kansas (United States of America), Jill Cooper has lived in Italy, in Rome, for over twenty years. She was a student at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and later studied at the Circle in the Square. At the age of twenty two she graduated in International Business, in Rome at the American University of Rome.

Nutritional Plans

By subscribing you will have access to personalized food plans that I will create and update periodically.

Weight loss

A good diet combined with a correct physical activity is what is needed to lose weight. In NOW, you will have all my training plans available.

Mental balance

The ancients already said “healthy mind in a healthy body” because there is no real welfare if we do not take into account these essential sides of our being.

Train with me at home

NOW offers you the chance to train with me every day from home. Our platform will always be updated with current technologies and contents.

Life/work balance

Do not be “ingested” by the excuse of not having time to keep fit because of work. With NOW, I personally train you whenever and wherever you want.


Do not be “ingested” by the excuse of not having time to keep fit because of work. With NOW I personally train you whenever and wherever you want.aStress and disequilibrium weigh down the work of our central engine. Beloved by allowing you to rediscover the well-being you have hoped for. Only then will you feel less tired and you will be able to purify yourself from everyday stress….



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Discover the new one JC Freedom

The body is the machine of the soul“. It is a phrase that I often repeat, to communicate to everyone the importance of taking care of oneself. Only taking care of our muscles is not enough. Because the body is important yes, but it works only if the soul is in balance too.

For this reason, for years now, I take care of body and mind, with what I have called “Spiritual Fitness”, my new approach to wellness.

On these assumptions the idea of the Jill Cooper Freedom was born, an experience designed for everyone, young and old, sporting and not.